Grindstone Outdoors and Snyder Services: A History in the Making

In November of 2003, Mark Snyder of Snyder Services purchased the land and buildings formerly known as the Snyder Packing Company. The building was renovated to operate a Landscape Retail business. In April of 2004, Snyder Services expanded to sell landscape products to contractors and homeowners. Snyder Services goal was to sell the best products at affordable prices.

The Grindstone Outdoors logo and name came from the sign in front of the original canning and packing house that read “Snyder’s Quality Canned Foods”. That Grindstone stood for over 40 years as a landmark for the community. The original Canning House was built by T.T. Snyder (Mark Snyder’s Great Great Grandfather) at Castlefin in 1886 and stood at that location until 1933, when a flood washed everything away. Castlefin was about a mile from the current location. In 1934, the Canning House moved to its present location and was open for business until 1977.

river rock


  • Red Stone  3/4″
  • River Gravel  3/4″
  • Pea Size River Gravel
  • River Jacks  1″
  • Screening
  • Stone #57 2B
  • Stone #67  3/4″
  • Stone 2RC

Mulch & More

  • Dyed Red
  • Dyed Black
  • Dyed Brown
  • Premium Bark Hardwood
  • Playground- Certified
  • Mushroom Soil
  • Mason Sand
  • Screening Sand
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Some of Our Products




HardScape Builds & Design

Were you looking for a free-standing wall to accentuate your driveway? Maybe you’re looking for a patio with an alfresco kitchen, or you want to invite friends over to a cozy, recessed fire pit with an annular retaining wall.

Whatever project you’re planning, we have everything you’ll need. If you need help with a design or installation, we have the right crew for that over at Snyder Services, just let us know!

Lawn Maintenance

Our team over at Snyder Services can take care of any lawn, from residential to commercial. Providing services such as routine lawn maintenance, treatments such as fertilizing & liming and weed control, your lawn is guaranteed to stay in tip-top shape and have everyone wondering how you keep your lawn looking so fresh.

lawn mowers

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    Delta, Pennsylvania
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