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February 2, 2018
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Natural Stone Veneer

D'Amico Quary - Stone Veneer

Stone was one of the first building materials used by our ancestors. It is a strong and durable material capable of standing up to not only what nature can throw at it but also to what humans can throw at it. Buildings made of stone are still standing thousands of years after their construction and long after their builders have died. Even today stone is a popular building material owing to its abundance, its adaptability, its cost and its natural beauty.

Natural stone can bring many things to a home. For a homeowner who wants a more natural or rustic setting at their home, a natural stone veneer is second to none. The problem for many years was that natural stone offered little in the way of options and was, well, expensive. That has changed.

D'Amico Quary - Stone VeneerStone fabricating has been an extremely labor-intensive process. It takes time to cut the stone, to sandblast the stone, to hammer it, to hone it and to polish it. Automation has shortened that amount of time as well as increasing the flexibility of the manufacturer. Natural stone can now be custom designed easily or the stone can be made to look like something else. Custom stonework is now no longer the domain of the super-rich. Labor costs can be further reduced since each piece can be custom cut before being sent out meaning less time will be required to install any stone product and less time will be needed to clean up when the job is completed.

That’s right, automation has made natural stone much more affordable and much more accessible to the general public. Sure faux natural stone can still have the same aesthetic look as real natural stone but you are going to know that it is concrete and chances are your guests will know as well.

If you need another reason here another. Using natural stone can is more environmentally friendly. Not only is an all-natural product being used opposed to concrete but the amount of energy required to produce a natural stone product is significantly lower. The production of cement (a key component of concrete) contributed 5% of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing natural stone is better for the planet and can make any home or project for eco-friendly. Natural stone is naturally suited to handle the environment and will hold up much better over the years.

Natural stone can work in all environments, whether your climate is hot, humid, dry, arid or cold. Stone can also be reused over and over and over again. You can’t do that with any other building materials! Stone is also one of the planet’s most plentiful resources and our planet is making more every day. Combine that with the affordability that automation offers it should be no surprise that more homeowners are turning to stone as a building material than ever before.

If you are considering a home or landscaping project then consider natural stone. The popularity of natural stone veneer is growing and it is more affordable than ever. Grindstone Outdoors is at the forefront of this and we offer a variety of products that can fit your needs for whatever project you want done whether it is paver stones, stairs, a fireside or poolside project or anything else. Before settling on a lesser material check us out. You will be glad you did!